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Our tulips portray emotions, the human condition. What is said or expressed is left to you to decipher. It’s a Rorschach test offering precious peeks into the human psyche, a point of entry for some real fun. The broad spectrum of differences in emotional reactions is fascinating. Exploring those differences opens doors, and unites rather than separating us. The magic of EZ on the Eye photographic tee shirts and apparel is the unique way they break the ice.

Rising mist makes a Catskill Mountain sunset even more spectacular

EZ on the Eye is a family business
founded in extreme professional ethic,
a family proud to provide an
untapped genre at the highest possible quality.
For us, it’s all about creating and attracting good.


City Mouse / Country Mouse

Charlene and Max live in opposite environments. It’s a case of country mouse/city mouse. Charlene lives in New York's magical Catskill mountains, rich in diverse, natural life. Max lives in New York City, the most culturally diverse site on the planet. Their individual creative expressions offer a fusion of uniquely fun art you can wear about town.

The essence of EZ on the Eye is rooted in their love and appreciation of Nature and an awe of the greatness humankind is capable of. Both NYC and the Catskill mountains provide inspirational surroundings, which stimulate love, appreciation and creativity.

“Cool shirt” along with an appreciative nod from passersby are common when wearing our tee shirts. EZ on the Eye tee shirts initiate pondering looks, invite attention and promote discussion because peoples’ reactions to our tulip tee collection are quite diverse. There’s something being expressed here, but what? The answer is as unique as whoever is showcasing our photo turned tee shirt.

Photo of two evocative tulips. We leave it to the view to decide what is happening here.

Quality and Ethics Matter

Whether made here in the US or in other parts of the world, we find the softest, highest quality cotton tee shirts that are both ethically sourced (fully accredited by the Fair Labor Assoc.) and environmentally responsible. Our shirts have great longevity and our designs do not fade. I have washed mine countless times and they still look as good as the day I printed them. Easy care, machine washable, wash and iron (if necessary) reverse.

Because of our design, our shirts are worn in the most upscale surroundings. Because our shirts are so comfortable, you'll find yourself lounging in them all the time - making you look and feel good wherever life takes you.

You won't find tee shirts like ours anywhere else on the market.


photo showing tee shirts for women and men