One of a kind, Evocative Tulip Street Art photographic tee shirts

Photo of two interacting tulips on a tee shirt

A Love of Nature Becomes EZ on the Eye

When I was a very young boy my Mother and I would go on walks that could have taken ten minutes, but would take hours because of the freedom I was allowed in my curiosity towards the natural world. I was free to walk up to any tree and feel its bark. Or towards any flowers I was drawn to and experience how they all had different scents clothed in their visual beauty. There were many different types of trees and many different types of flowers. Through these walks and the freedom I was granted, as well our love for each other and our mutual love for nature, my Mother and I formed a special bond.


It is a natural progression that our love of
Nature and the essence of beauty has evolved into
producing street art and tulip photographic tee shirts
as EZ on the Eye. 

A tender moment between mother and young son

Nature Leads by Example

In her awareness to my sensitivity towards this world filled with nature, and beauty, and scents and colors and me as a young open person, she made sure that I knew that “If I felt cool, I WAS cool.” “It doesnʼt require any validation from anything or anyone else.”
Just like the beautiful flowers. They live and are how they are, with no judgements. Pure nature, and pure beauty. So, at a young age I tried to be like the flowers. I wore pants that I would call FUNKY pants. They were black with blue and white and green bright lines all over them. And I wore high tops, which she and her younger brother, my favorite Uncle, would proclaim as “Big boy high top basketball sneakers!” and sunglasses and baseball hats and little leather jackets. And I felt best in these clothes. I didnʼt realize it totally at that point, but all I was doing was being comfortable in the expression of myself. In my personal expression as myself as a piece of art.


As I got older, and had to go to school and be around other people, I began feeling like an outsider. Not isolated, just that I felt like a flower growing out of cracks in the ground, rather than in a garden with the other pieces of natural beauty. It progressed like that until I was lucky enough to attend LaGuardia Arts High School in New York City.
LaGuardia was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Whenever I talk to people about it, still to this day, I say that it was the closest school to a real life Hogwarts. Fourteen year old children truly making magic with pencils, ink and paints. Singing like the birds I would see soar in the sky. Kids hypnotizing people with their talents just like the buzzʼs of bees or the hums of hummingbirds. Tough young men from hard parts of the city doing ballet that made you understand why we can move the way we do. Why the trees, leaves, waves and clouds dance in the wind. I felt like I was in the most beautiful garden ever. And I loved how we all knew we were cool. We knew we were cool because we were confident; what is cool if not confident?


Inside school I would see the same things that I saw outside of the school on the streets of New York City. Unique and interesting clothes. Unique and interesting accessories. All forms of expression, being used to cloth the artist as they would create their art, their magic. I noticed how the city was such a unique environment. The streets. The subways. The buildings themselves. The billboards, the movie screens, the lights, the sounds, the smells, the different textures to the streets in different boroughs. So many things all in one instant. I became fascinated with art, and the combination of art and expression. Again, I formed a new, special bond with my mother based on art.

We would paint together. And work with clay. And she would make time-lapse videos of fog flooding the mountains and I would write music to it. And one day I came across a file on her computer of photos she had taken of tulips. They were gorgeous. They were sexy and sinister. They were friendly and god-like. I wanted them. I wanted them to live just as they had lived as they were photographed. I wanted to give them life again, I wanted to give them purpose, and to make them big. To make them seen. To make them move. To make them for everyone.

I have always loved T-shirts and I realized that I didnʼt want to wear anything that everyone else could be wearing at the same time as me. So I would look on the internet for exclusive t shirts. Tee shirts not sold in stores, but made by artists who would use their original art for fashion. I would find designs I loved and I would buy those artists' shirts. And then I decided that for myself, I wanted to take the idea one step further. I wanted to wear my own art. I wanted to wear art that we created. I told my Mom that I wanted to wear her tulips. But I wanted them to look elegant. I wanted them to look like they would be worn by Rock-Stars as well as children who knew they were cool because they felt cool.
Weeks later we invested in a heat press and a printer with special paper. We got to work. We bought a couple of really nice quality t shirts and we made some shirts. Just for me. Shirts that I knew I could wear on the street, but also in a restaurant or hall in which other people might be wearing suits, blazers or gowns. And that is exactly what I did. And what happened was beautiful. I would see people on the streets give me a double take as I wore my art. As I moved and it moved with me. I would see people look at my shirt and then look into my eyes and smile. People would come up to me and say, “Thatʼs a cool shirt.” “You made that?” “What do you mean thatʼs a photo?” “It is real?” “That is a photo of a real tulip? Wow, look how expressive it is.” The expressions in the tulips themselves allowed me to express myself. 

It was these bonds that were instantly formed, and the joy that was felt and created between these people and myself which sparked the idea between my Mother and myself for the creation of EZ on the Eye. We decided to do it. We decided to commit and start a company based around this art. Around beauty, and expression, and grit, and nature, and passion, and fun, and appeal, and uniqueness and the idea of feeling cool. And thanks to You, we got more and more immersed in the ideas and our product. We went through many different shirts to finally find quality that was environmentally friendly but sturdy and strong. Our shirts are made from 100% natural fibers: ring spun, combed cotton and or hemp and bamboo. Soft and luxurious. We went from investing in a heat press to investing in a sturdier, stronger, better printer, which allows us to put our designs and art directly into the fabric of the clothes we create. Your images will not fade and our product will last the life of the garment. We care about nature, we care about art, we care about this business and we care about YOU.

Art, and therefore our tees, is a means of expression, whether it be a flower, a machine, an animal, an environment or a body part. Their expressions to enable self expression. When you wear our pieces of art, you yourself become another piece of Art. Another vessel for and of expression. Think of our designs as tattoos that you can add or remove depending on your mood and expression. Maybe a gritty subway for Monday morning, and a dancing tulip for Friday night? Whatever it may be for you, you yourself become a piece of art as we try to piece together this puzzle that is life. Who are you? Maybe you are a definitive corner piece in which it is obvious in what corner you will be found? Maybe you are a bit more mysterious or aloof and only one of your sides are perfectly straight signifying your place on the border. 

Or maybe you are a piece that will complete a section of this puzzle that has not been formed yet. Just like a caterpillar in a cocoon, changing as your environment changes until you re-birth as another being. As a beautiful butterfly. We are ALL pieces in this puzzle and we design art pieces to express who we are, and who we can and want to be.     We invite you to feel cool because you are cool. We guarantee you will feel many positive feelings as you express yourself with our art. Make it yours. Share the life and beauty of the inspiration that you will flaunt. That will captivate and create conversations. That will inspire eye contact. Art that can be worn comfortably in possibly stuffy environments. Art that highlights the vessel of art that is expressing. Art that highlights YOU.